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The Milkwood Tree is often referred to as the Tree of Wholeness. It is indigenous throughout the Cape Peninsula, thriving under the majesty of Table Mountain which casts its spiritual shadow over the City of Cape Town, South Africa and the whole of Africa. It is believed that the energy of the Milkwood Tree brings a deep sense of connection and belonging. Milkwoods, with their purple berries, golden flowers, evergreen leaves and silvery bark are recognized as nurturing and supportive: connecting us with our personal power, reminding us that we are all one family – each of us loved, needed, and cared for.

The Project

RegenAfrica in association with communiTgrow have embarked on a journey to be the leading developers of integrated whole system Regenerative SMARTER Builds (RSBs) in Africa.

Africa as a continent is rising. Economic growth and urbanization have led to an overwhelming demand for housing and access to basic services, such as potable water, electricity, and sanitation systems. Access to meaningful employment, quality education and health services are the key elements absent, and yet crucial to the long-term economic viability of any urban build and its citizens.

With Africa moving into the digital age and becoming a global economic engine, the greatest challenges to development is integrated delivery. The demand for affordable housing in South Africa is at a critical point with the total housing backlog in South Africa being over 2.3 million homes of which over 400,000 are within the City of Cape Town. This significant housing demand has not been targeted in South Africa, nor Cape Town, given its potential in turning around our economic struggles and in creating jobs. At the same time, there is significant investment being targeted towards infrastructure development.

Project Information

Project Approach

Milkwood is a private sector led a holistic whole-system Regenerative SMARTER Build (RSB) approach to radical economic transformation within the affordable housing sector, which can be replicated in other urban growth nodes across the continent.

The Milkwood Project establishes the building blocks of a new urban economy, phase by phase, targeting more than 200,000 jobs and providing an economic stimulus to the Western Cape Province of over ZAR 400 billion of which ZAR 200 billion will directly impact the local construction industry, immediately creating 25,000 permanent jobs, through development over a 15 year construction period, followed by on-going maintenance to the entire built environment.

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